The Alternative to Alternative: Playing a mix of familiar
and unknown in an upbeat and serious tempo, but never heavy or hard.
Alternative music from 80's, 90's, and now.
Playing Live from Boise ID USA since 2006





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May 2019
Migrated to Shoutcast. Radionomy stopped US streaming May 31, 2019

March 2019
Another World Class Alternative launched

May 2018
World Class Alternative Now launched

Sept 2017
new stream got deleted and had to start again.. but this time from scratch. It was summer and I didn't pay attention and the station didn't get to 12 hours.

June 2017
New Stream started 6/1/2017. Almost had 120 hours. Had about 80-90

March 2017
Updated Streema links and links to apps

September 2016
We only made about half of the hours needed, but that is more then we had on Live365. New Radionomy channel created.

June 2016
Did a good update to the music library. More songs to the old school and lunar categories have been added. Cleaned up the new music rotation. I'm round 50 hours right now. I don't think the station will make it to the 130 mark by September 15th.

May 2016
UGH... now apple app is removed from iTunes

TuneIn and some other sites have delisted Radionomy just in the US or completely. The biggest hit is the TuneIn app. I really like it because it was easy to find the station and users could adjust the buffer settings. The Radionomy app works, but it drops the connection a lot, the artist info is not always accurate, and the buffer settings cannot be changed. VLC always has the up-to-date artist info and you can adjust the buffer settings. The only downside it saving the station in a playlist, but once it's done, the station opens right up.

April 2016
The station is set up for a person listening at work for about 8 hours. In that 8 hour time, you will hear the big hit songs about twice, each new song one, and a good mix of old and current alternative music. That is the general pattern and each day will sound different.

February 2016
There was a couple of hiccups with Radionomy because of all the new broadcasters coming onboard after the demise of Live365. One weekend had long delays between every song, and the last weekend of February, there was a total blackout.

January 2016
After 10 years of streaming on, the station had to move to a new service because shut down at the end of January 2016. This station in now using the Radionomy network for streaming. There are a couple of differences between how Radionomy and the old Live365 work.

The first one is that you cannot sign up for a VIP/No commercial account on Radionomy. So no matter what, there will be commercials. The good news is that it's not many commercials, just a couple two minute breaks per hour, for a total of 4 minutes per hours. Most of the the time there will be no commercials at all, and a short two minute fillers song will play for most people. So if you hear some weird short songs from time to time... that's why. You may also here them really close to the last time you heard them. I'm trying to fix that problem. At least there is no more rap music playing during the break like there was for the first few days.

The other different thing is how the station is programmed on Radionomy. We can't use scheduling software to program the radio station like we could on Live365, but I've been able to figure out a way to come really close. The biggest obstacle is making sure songs play when we want them. The goal is to make sure you hear all the new songs in a 6-8 hour period and not the same two songs over and over.


Program Director